Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mistakes Are Sometimes Made

So. Well. Yeah. Hello, crow dinner. I think I have ketchup here somewhere...

About a week ago I made a terrible mistake. I reposted a meme on FB. The one with Trump not saluting the flag. Yeah. After being slammed, I've been going through debates and other videos, because I'm certain I saw it, on TV, where he took forever getting around to lifting that tiny hand of his to his nonexistent heart. I distinctly remember talking to mom and yelling at the TV. Alas, I'm up to debate 7 and nothing yet. Unfortunately, I do have a life, of sorts, and have much I need to do. Things not involving rewatching Trump lie to my face.

It is a two-part meme, and I just reacted without fully checking it out. (The first part is totally true, by the way. The second part, not so much.)   :(   Sorry.

Here's the meme:

Here's the true part. In video:

And here's a somber, professional, respectful salute to our flag:

I apologize for my meme mistake. I do not apologize for implying/stating outright he is a disrespectful person. 

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