Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Trump vs Russia

A short story to break down this Russia issue. The scenario may seem silly. People will say it's not the same. It is. Just on a larger scale. But yes, it is the same.

The Players

The USA - You.  And you are hot. Everyone wants to be or be with you. 

Trump -  Your boo. Your BAE. Your one and only. You love and would die for him. 

Russia - His skanky, hoe, lowlife, crazy, criminal ex-girlfriend. 

Manafort, Stone, Page, Fylnn, Tillerson, Russell - Her friends and family. 

Ivanka, Kushner, Bannon, Conway, Spicer, Sessions, ect. - His friends and family.

The Free Press - Your friends and family.  

You and your bae are engaged! You've only known him for a year, but he's the one. Some folks say terrible things about him, and yes, you've seen some things you don't like, but they're haters and he LOVES you. You said yes with a smile on your face and a f**k you to all the naysayers.

It's been a couple months now, the ring still shines bright, then you happen to find a few texts on his phone from his ex. But it's okay. He tells you he just talked to her a couple of times. She called him to congratulate him on his engagement. You can't be mad about that? And he has to stay nice because their two families have been friends forever. And there's nothing wrong with staying friends. It's a good thing.

The wedding was great. Well, okay.  His whole wedding party was made up of her family and friends. That was odd. His friends said it was just to keep the peace between the families. It's nothing. You don't need to get pissy about it. Maybe they're right. Peace is important. It's just one day after all. You've got a honeymoon to take!

Ahhh! Hawaii! But, there are more texts and now some calls. He says not to worry about it. He LOVES only you and life is going to be spectacular with him. Whatever you want he'll do! Ahhh! Now that's happiness!

Home. Settled in the big house. But, there are all kinds of talk about him seeing his ex. As far back as before the engagement. Damn hoe. He's not talking to you much anymore. He doesn't think you should go out or ask so many questions.  He wants you to quit nagging at him. He tells you your family and friends are against him and they hate you for being happy. They just tell lies. You shouldn't see them anymore. Not if you really love him.

His family liked her better and they keep telling you to mind your own damn business. His phone has a password lock now and he won't tell you where he goes. But people are talking. You're getting screenshots of texts and recorded calls. He's been helping her move, paying for an apartment, and his friends and family have been helping him hide it.  His BFF even brought him her nanna's cell phone just to talk to her.

You're just there to make him happy now. He, his friends, family, even the crazy ex-girlfriend seems to be pulling in major bank. Yet you're feeding his friends and her family all the time. You're going broke. Gammie can't get her insulin and you can't help her. What are you going to do? A few of his friends tried to stand up to tell him to do the right thing. They're gone now. Things look bad. Things feel confused. Every day more things are being talked about. More evidence keeps showing up on your phone. And your life is no more spectacular now than it was before. In fact, it looks to be getting worse.

Moral of the story? You don't want your BAE talking to his skanky ex. And if he is, kick his ass to the curb!

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