Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tour de Fish 2017 Fin

Yep. We are at weeks 5 and 6. Aren't you sick of fish yet? Yes. Yes I am. For these two weeks we;re joined by mom's writing class friend Carol. (Mine too :)  Onward.

Week 5 took us to the old favorite at The Como. My usual Lemon Pepper was simply yummy. A little bit of that silver skin that I don't care for, but not much. Fries were fine. 

Mom and her friend Carol had the seafood platter.From what I heard it was good, except the clams casino were mostly breading. That made them sad. The rest was good. As far as I know :)

We finished the Tour at Carmine's on Pine. It was also the most expensive. The others were between $8 and $10, it was $12 here.

 Both mom and Carol had the battered fish. It was alright, they said. A bit bready. Fries were alright. The cole slaw was awesome! Almost KFC like :)

I had the broiled fish. Probably my least favorite. It tasted so bland. Like it was pouched in water. Plain water. It was colorless,and odd. As you can see the lemons are sliced and just placed on the top. Then a ton of paprika. Do you know hard it is to squeeze a sliced paprika lemon over fish? Very. Wedges please. 

So there you have it. Tour de Fish 2017 has come to a fishy FIN :)

( Yeah. I totally went there! HAHA! )

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