Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer, Porch, and Unable to Move

Well. The whole Tour de Fun turned into the Tour de I Can't Move It's Too Hot I Hate You. 

So yeah. It's been porch time and binge watching Netflix. Though late to the streaming bit,  I have embraced it fully:)  But. I don't think I like Orange is the New Black. Not sure why. I'll watch more and see.  Going to watch Strange Things this weekend.  

What have I been watching?  The classics. Xena,  Hercules, Arrested Development, Black Books, The IT Crowd. The important stuff :)

And the porch. I had plans to paint and spiff it up. Then the second after we had the flower bed cleaned out and pretty flowers planted some guy pulls up and starts asking about the property.  I quickly realized that I had no interest in fixing something that I didn't own and that would be sold.  Three weeks later the properties were shown. We've been told they haven't bought,  but yeah. Time to go through EVERYTHING we own.  Just in case.

In between mom and I are doing the library's summer reading challenge. Read a book from each continent. You have to read 5/7. So far:

Antarctica -  At The Mountains of Madness: H. P.  Lovecraft

North America - Alligator Candy : David Kushner

Africa -  Mr.  Fox : Helen Oyeyemi

Europe -  The Lovers : John Connelly

Australia - In a Sunburned Country : Bill Bryson

Up next either Asia or South America.

Finally got a new desktop. Been wanting this forever. It's so nice to sit in a comfy chair and look on a screen bigger than a notebook.

Oh! One last thing. On Sunday July 31! Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens!! Yay!!!!
Can this count as a Tour de Fun?

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