Monday, March 20, 2017

A Day for the Irish and a Tour de Fish

St. Patrick's Day folks! A day we wait for so we can enjoy a Reuben of love.

Oh Gadawskis. Usually, so awesome. The reubs were okay. A bit thin with a little gristly though. And the dressing was on the side? Weird.

Went out that evening. We got to see, well, hear our favorite,  Nerds Gone Wild. We had to stand outside though. Where it was freezing and they only had beer. Yay to Nerds. Boo to the cold. A good St. Patty's all around :)

We went to two new places for weeks 3 and 4. 

For week 3 we headed to The New York Fish House in the city market. We took along our friend Mike for this adventure. It was so good :)
The fish came in its own foil container with two nice sized fillets. Nice butter lemon happening.

I choose the onion rings for my side. Which is pretty cool. You don't see that as a choice to often. Or ever. These were nice and crispy, with a good onion flavor. Yummm...
 I would definitely go back there. Mike, however, has different opinions on his fish sandwich. But he can start his own blog for all that :) 

For week 4 we hit up Marino's Subs and More. I can't even. This was so yummy! The breading was a simple breadcrumb. It wasn't greasy or thick. The fish was so flaky. They had onion rings too! They were even yummier than the week before :) And people were so nice! The owner talked with us and was quite friendly. And they deliver :) Even if you only want a piece of pizza! We will most assuredly be seeing them again:)

Next up weeks 4 and 5 :)

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