Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Picture Bananza

Well. Here we are. A new year (Okay. It's February. ) A new president (Yikes.) And new adventures to be had. 
The last few months have been rather uneventful, personal wise. We won't go to the bad place. For now.
Gary and I spent most of January and February with some sort of demon cold bug. I think it actually spoke to me at one point. Then it laughed. Nasty bug.
But I've been meaning to put these favorite city pictures up for the longest time, so, yay!

Also, I don't want to forget to mention that Mom's library writing group's teacher has finally had her book published. Congratulations! Giving a new book to the world. And to all who feel badly they haven't published by the age of 15, much needed hope :)

Terri Mudd at the signing :)

The book! You can find it HERE on Amazon!

A few city pics :)

I know food pics. But this was so good! We had this fish fry at the Royal Cafe :)
The Tour de Fish is planned on this year. Let's hope there's no hospital visit's this time.

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