Saturday, November 19, 2016

A New Season

A new season is almost upon us. Yes. Winter is coming. And it is going to be a long one. It seems the weather and political horizon both will be rather GoT-sy. Cold, dark, hopeless and painful. We even have our own White Walkers.

I have no doubt PEOTUS would think Ramsey was just terrific. 'A great guy. He was treated unfair. Just terrible what they did. They should lock her up.'  You know you can hear him say it too.

My head is still reeling from the past 11 days.( Has it only been that? ) I'm hoping it will right itself soon and then I will be able to write coherently about it. Before the hounds are set loose on us all.

For this moment, let's simply catch up on what been happening on the home front. Not much. The heat was something awful and nothing was done. There are three mildly entertaining things for me.

1. I've got Netflix streaming finally. After years of DVDs in the mail, I made the switch and LOVE it! ( Did I mention that already? ) Jane the Virgin, Xena, Blue Exorcist. So much the happys :)

2. I have redone the design slightly. The old one, though I loved it, was feeling cluttered. I've gone a little more simple here. Let me know how it looks. Any tweaks I should know about? Anything to difficult to read? Links not working?

3. I've decided to embrace my Twitter more. And I am enjoying the heck out of it! I'm there more than FB now. Much to the relief of my nerves and mental health.

Now for pictures!

It's been so warm that yesterday, November 17th, this was what outside looked like. The flowers are still alive and the grass is green. The tree still has leaves.

Last week I saw these great textured clouds :)

But it's been sad too. Mom's Snowball passed away. She was 14. 

It appears also the outside kitty, Uncle Jay, who was we believe 10 yrs old,  has gone. He was looking rough and we haven't seen him in a month. 

He's the orange guy. The other cats would help keep him warm and comfortable.

R.I.P. Snowball and Uncle Jay :(

There is more to catch up with; Halloween, Library reading, random pictures of joy. But let's save something for tomorrow, shall we?

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