Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hello Summer, I Mean Spring

Summer? Not yet, but it feels like Summer already. We hit a 90 degree day in May. Mostly 80s the last week. It's a wonderful and bittersweet time. I love the warm weather, the flowers, leaves popping on the trees,sitting outside on the porch. But the pollen this time of year is brutal and always triggers a sinus infection. Every Spring and Fall. This year I won't be letting it get in the way of fun though. I have plans!

Plans I say!

Thursday Mom and I will be starting The Tour de Fun this week! One day each week before Labor Day we'll do something just for fun. 13 weeks of a fun day. I'm certain food will be involved :)

I'm also working on the front porch.

As you can see, it needs work. The teal had to go. And the peeling battleship grey is over. I'm thinking of a darker pewter grey.

Here we have white railings now :) I think a darker grey will really make the white look super nice :))

We bought flowers too, but I forgot to get a picture.  ( I'll try to remember to snap one tomorrow for you :)

And I'll leave today with a picture of the roses  the neighbors gave us. They're from their own rose bush :) And they are much redder than this picture shows :)

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