Monday, January 11, 2016

On A Cold Morning Looking For Food

Here's a new Flash Fiction Prompt sit, Snap Stories.  We'll see how long I can keep it going :))  Here is a little something to kick things off. Enjoy!


468 words

On A Cold Morning Looking For Food

My brown wings spread out, shook and closed back tight to my body.  It was cold this morning.  I was looking for food.  I had a squirrel sighting, but it was gone in a flash.  I am, for the record, a fantastic hunter.  All hawks are, but I am especially good. It was the odd sound from below the tree that threw me off my game. 
Flying cautiously I investigated. There he was.  Lying huddled under the low branches of my tree. 
I have seen humans before. They came one or more with loud sticks that killed faster than I can. Messier too by what I saw.
But this one wasn't hunting like the others. He was shaking and moaning. His skin an odd color, pale, shimmery with a tint of blue. Much like the early morning sky.  Opening his eyes he saw me where I watched him.

"Hello there." he said. His voice was stuttered from the cold. My own voice never did that, but humans are a different thing from hawks. 
" I was following a deer and lost my bearings. I wandered around, the wind softly hide my tracks at each turn. Could you could lead the way home little fellow?"
Looking at him, his words sounded foreign to me, like turtles when they ask for directions. I was sure he was lost though. 
" I wish I could be home now. I want my family awful bad now." he squeezed his eyes closed. 

I flew down to him, close. He was taking on more of the blue sky on his face. I imagine those vultures would be waiting for this meal. I moved a bit nearer. There was a glove half buried in the snow next to him. 
Without thinking I flew over, grasped it in my talons and went high into the warmer sky. Looking down I saw a small path. Making up my mind I followed the lambent light that lead the way out. A short distance away was a wood box. Another human was outside of it calling out to the trees.

"Robert! Robert! Time to come in now! Where are you? " she turned to the box,
"Jack, I don't see him, There's no tracks anywhere! We have to go in and find him!"  Yet another human came out of the box. He was buttoning up a coat. I yelled at them and the man, squinting, saw the glove. His eyes widened, I flew low and slowly. Landing on a branch here and a branch there. He stumbled keeping his eyes on me. In no time I heard him shout.
"Robert!  Son!  I've got you boy!  I've got you! "
"Hi, Dad.  I didn't get the deer." he said.

Finally free of distraction, I got my squirrel later that day. 

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