Tuesday, November 17, 2015

'Tis the Season to Open Our Hearts

It's not about coffee cups. It's not about Merry Christmas over Happy Holidays. It's not about the Pledge of Allegiance. It's not every man for himself.

These poor terrified people, who have been victims themselves of terrorists. Who lost all. Home, work, family, friends, homeland. Many who literally only have the clothes on the their backs. Having to fight unimaginable odds to find somewhere safe to find hope. Where the language is different and difficult. To start over where many despise them for nothing more than where they came from. To be judged guilty before innocent. That is the test. This is our test. That is what it's about. Showing humanity and welcoming these souls who are lost. This is where we're supposed to do the right thing. Pushing our fear and prejudice aside to help. To stand and say we care about life and humanity and faith and honor. To show we remember our own ancestors fight when they arrived. To show we are better than even we knew we could be.

But if we turn our backs and say we can not help. We will not help. Then we are no better than the terrorists who have done these terrible things in the first place. We condemn these human beings to death just as they do. The method may be different, but the outcome is the same. Then our words God and Freedom ring hollow to the world. And we ring hollow inside ourselves.

I've seen so many saying we can't help others because we can't help our own. It's not that we can't. It's we won't. We've become an "every man for himself" country. We blame the poor, sick and elderly that need public services and medical care. We cut the very programs put in place to help. And the next week we grumble about all the homeless on the street. Shame on us.

Perhaps if we start with the strong Syrian refugees who made it here we can relearn how to open our hearts. Maybe remember what it is all about. Love, faith and honor.

It's almost Thanksgiving and Christmas. The time when we should be especially open and giving, Not less. Instead of just giving Thanks, lets do more of the Giving. For Christ's birthday, the gift of compassion means more than all the boycotts and protests over greetings and coffee cups.

This season lets tell our leaders that we will be better that what they want us to be. That we will be the strong, open, compassionate people that our country is.

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