Thursday, November 12, 2015

Some Fall Highights

The autumn months have been fairly busy. Unusual for the likes of this gal.  In September Uncle Fran joined us for a few weeks of fun. There was a heat wave, food, books, cats, a new place of fun and joy, a birthday, a holiday and shots :) Whew!

Family Fun Time

Uncle :)

We all visited the Albright-Knox and Burchfield Penny Galleries :)

We ate and eat here. A lot. It is wonderful. If you are in Niagara Falls, you should eat here.
And if they have made the Baklava Cheesecake, you should get that. And tell them we made you go too :)


The geese across the street also came over for a little visit :)

There's also a new kitten hanging around. Her arm looks like it was broken bad and is healing up. Poor thing has an awful limp, but gets around. We finally named her after about four months.
She is black with bright green eyes that made me think of the Fremen in their stillsuits.
Met Muad'Dib :)

They were unimpressed by the geese working their street.


I received this for my B-Day from my friend Alicia :)
Now I have tea with The Toms everyday :)

From Mom :)

From Tonya :)

Still looking for somewhere to hang my Home. I do enjoy seeing it in front of me though :))
As does Uno :)

And after she ripped the fur off her back and healed from 5 staples, it's good to see her happy :)

There is a new place to drink and have fun too :)

You can go to The River Pub to see this fellow, The Riv, and drink Island Grass shots.
They are like liquid candy :)


And then there was Halloween fun :) 

So much fun...

I've been told. I remember very little of it. 

Damn you Goldschlager! Damn you!


And we finish the highlights with the book haul. So far. :)
Hello books, new and used :)
* I strongly recommend Good Omens :) *
(Bought at The Book Corner)

Whew! I'm tuckered just writing about it all! But it has been a great season, filled with great friends and family :) I wouldn't have it any other way :)

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