Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Little Something For Halloween

*The idea came from a writing exercise my mom told me about.  Take a short story and write it from a different character's POV.  This immediately jumped to mind :) 

A Terrible Wish
Flash: 478 words

I spoke softly.
"I started walking home. I knew that was where I needed to be. As I lumbered along the uneven grounds and stony gravel, I noticed my leg hurt. Not just my leg, my whole body ached. 
But I couldn't remember why exactly. I remember being at work. A horrible pain. Then nothing except my tree and stream. No pain. Just peace. Then I was in the cemetery. Standing near a hole. That too I knew was mine. I had been in there. Why would they put me there? I had to find mother and father. They could tell me. 
I felt quite calm till I saw my hands. Though the dirt and splinters stuck in flesh was bothersome, it was the lack of flesh that threw me. White bone peeking from gray and black bits of skin and tissue. I used to paint with these hands. 
That was when the panic set in and I needed to be home. " 

"The streets were dark. The moon barely a sliver in the moving clouds. I worked my way down the street. My leg dragging behind me. I wanted to be back at my tree. Desperately. I would find out what happened from father. He had to know. He simply had to! 
I stumbled and limped down the darkness. Soon I was a short space away from our home. The single light in the window beckoned me spurring me to move faster. My bony hands clutched tighter into fists. If they didn't know how to fix this awful situation they'd have to figure out a way. I will make them get my tree back. At my left foot a piece of black gray tissue dropped from the bottom of my dirty pants cuff.
I felt a groan escape as my hands crunched from the tightness. 
I pushed myself up the walk to the door. From the stoop I saw two shadows behind the window. Voices were muffled but loud. I thought I heard crying, but my own anger was drowning out sounds. 
I banged on the door with the thud of bone and rotted flesh. An oozy stain remained marking where I hit. The shadows stopped. The muffled voices ceased. I  hit the door again. Harder this time. In the framed glow the larger shadow picked something up. The two moved closer together to become one dark mass in the light. As I brought my arm up to push the door open, I was back here. " I finished.
"It was an awful dream Grandmother." I shook my head and the old woman took my hand. 
"I believe it was a terrible wish. But it is over now. You are here with me and Charlie here." She smiled, still holding my hand under my tree. And Charlie the one pawed monkey climbed to her shoulder and smiled.


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