Monday, August 31, 2015

A Ghost for Joe Pt.4

Sue drove the night road.  Store lights and soft windows glowed along the sides of the boulevard. The silence in the car filled with the wind and her own thoughts.  The call earlier wasn't what she had expected.  It worried her. People aren't usually attacked the first-time they walk in.  Usually they are played with,  Scared off. Then things become increasingly more volatile. This is something different. She called for backup before she left. Father Ernie would be there tomorrow afternoon.

Beth handed the cup of chamomile tea to Joe. The gauze was snug on his forearm.  The bruises like fingers peaked out from the blue tee.
Joe's  eyes stared down at his shoes.  He'd been like that since they got back.

Nicky plopped into the recliner across from them.  He picked up a half full glass from the coffee table and took a long drink of the warm scotch.
"Okay. That psychic lady is on her way. She should be here in a hour or so. How's he doin?" He asked Beth.

"I don't know. He hasn't spoke or moved yet." Beth rose and walked to the dining room. She gestured Nicky to join her.
"What the hell! You guys were supposed to just look around!"

'We did! This was not something we planned on. It was completely unreal man. I don't think even the old lady expected something like this.  She's not going back there is she?" Nicky asked, his eyes wide.

"No. I talked to her daughter. She's keeping her there. For the record, she thinks I'm insane." Beth crossed her arms.
"Do you want to tell me exactly what happened yet?" She asked.

"Nah." Nicky looked past her to the man sitting on the couch. Still not moving.
"We should wait for Miss Cannondale. I don't want Joe to hear it." He looked at Beth.  And she knew it was worse than she thought.

Sue pulled up to the old house on 72nd Street. She took the drawing out of her purse and looked at the two. There was no table or flowers in the picture but the rest looked right. The tree was where she drew it and the house was an old ranch. It was darker than the picture. No lights on. No light at all actually. Anywhere. It was almost as if the stars wouldn't even shine above it. It sent a chill over her arms and back.
The thought of walking around crossed her mind. Her hand reached out for the door handle and stopped. Instead she drove forward away from the house.
She felt watched from the empty street.

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