Friday, August 7, 2015

A Ghost For Joe Pt. 3

The sun had already set but the light wasn't yet dusky. The house looked cozy. Not scary. A 1950s ranch with a lovely yard surrounded by blooming summer flowers. Cosmos, Gerber daisies, impatiens, petunias. Marigolds lined the walkway. Tall stems with blue flowers rested beside the front of the porch. He wasn't sure what they were, but they looked extra blue near the white of the house. The old weeping willow limbs hung low, some branch tips touching the ground. In the dark shade two green plastic chairs sat around a plastic green table. Leaves resting on the top.

Joe sipped his coffee as he leaned against his silver Focus.  

The metal clatter of Nick's bike brought Joe back to the moment.

"Hey dude! Wakey wakey man!"

Had he been zoning? Sleeping? Bed early tonight, Joe thought.

Nick dropped his bike on the lawn and on one knee started to open the backpack he had with him.

"Dude, I brought my recorder so we can record any spooky voices. Flashlight, a cross, just in  case. And my video cam to catch any of those funky shadows!" He dug out the items and tossed the pack by the bike.
"What'd you bring man?" Nicky asked.

Joe pulled the digital camera out of his hoodie pocket and a flashlight from the hood of the car.
"Alright man! It's a start right. " Nicky stood near Joe as he turned everything on.
"Nice house huh?"

Joe nodded in agreement. He was procrastinating. He was at the last swig of coffee.

"Yeah. I think it's time. Let's show these mice who's boss. " His skin tingled for just a second when he said that.

The two men closed the door behind them. Hazy light from the flashlights hung in the darkness. Nick held out his arm, the digital recorder gripped by the end of his fingertips. The sliver cross around his neck, he moved slowly into the living room.
Joe followed behind, shaking his head.

"What do you want dude?" Nicky moved the flashlight around the living room.
"Why do you haunt the lady who lives here dude?" Nicky asked to the room.

""What are you doing" Joe asked.

"You gotta talk to them man. When they answer it's on the recorder." Nicky whispered.
"Try it man. "

"How about I turn the light on first." Joe switched on the side table lamp. The light brightened and softened the living room. Joe picked up a framed picture. An old woman with a younger one smiled back from the sunshine background. Evelyn and her daughter Janet.

"No! Dude! You'll disturb them! Turn the light out!" Nicky yelled from the hallway.

Joe sighed and reached for the lamp. It flew away from his out stretched arm and leaned at Nicky's feet.

Both men stood looking at the spot. Not moving. Joe snapped a picture. Then changed the setting to video.

"That. Was. Awesome man! Wow! I'm going to check upstairs!" Nicky started to run towards th narrow stair case.

"Wait. Lets stay together. Besides everything is in the kitchen mom said." Joe whispered. Not out of respect, but real fear.

The kitchen seemed quiet. The only thing Joe heard was the hum of the refrigerator. Or was it his heart? Mice seemed like a stupid idea to him now. A wishful thinking denial.
Joe moved the beam of light and camera across the counters and up the walls. Nothing was amiss in here but his skin tingled as it did out front.
Nicky was looking at pictures stuck with bright pins in an old cork board framed in a flowered puffy boarder.

It suddenly swung to the right, hung for a moment and then swung to the left, hung and then flew at Nicky.
He jumped back with a loud gasp of surprise.

Joe started to move towards Nicky but turned around at a noise over his shoulder.
A cupboard door was open. A second opened in front of his eyes. Then the third, fourth, all of them down the length of the wall. After a few moments they closed in the same order. Soon they were opening and closing again. Faster and faster. Louder and louder. They were banging now. Without pause.
The sound was deafening and Joe covered his ears. The camera dropped, swung on his wrist.

"Over here! " Nicky yelled. His flashlight showed a large dark stain on the wall above the table. It was getting larger. Was it getting darker too? It spread across most of the kitchen wall.
Joe walked over to it reaching his hand with the camera out in front.  As he got closer he was flown back.  No.  Pushed.  He could feel the pressure where hands would have hit his chest. Strong hands. He was looking up at the hallway ceiling. His back hurt and his chest burned. Then he was moving into the living room. His arm was squeezed tight. A hand print could be seen gripping Joe's forearm, yet when he tried to push whoever had him away he was met with only air.  Once in the center of the room he was freed. For a moment. Something hit is face. Now all he could see was Nicky over him, the crucifix from his neck held out in front, him saying the Lord's Prayer.

"Come on man! Get up.  We need to get out of here. Now!  Our Father..." .
On the porch each breathing hard, gripping the railing, they saw the kitchen and living room being swallowed by some frightening ghostly black hole. Inside the open door any light was removed. In an instant it was darkness. Complete almost tangible darkness. Joe had the feeling that if he touched it it would feel like a cold metal.
The door slammed shut. An  'And don't come back!' slam.
Joe was okay with that. He wouldn't be back. Ever.

He and Nicky ran down the stairs and jumped into the car. Leaving the dark house behind them.

Sue paced the living room floor while Merlin watched Dr. Phil. Someone should have called by now. It was almost a whole day. Her skin started to burn.
"Oh no. " She wouldn't be in time. They should have called first. They'll call after. It won't be impossible, but it'll be harder than it should be to finish it.

To Be Continued...

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