Friday, July 24, 2015

A Ghost For Joe Pt. 2

"That is awesome dude! Wow! A real haunted house! We have to check it out man! We have to!" Nicky was bouncing with excitement, the picture still in hand.

"I told her no." Joe said.

"Man, you can't leave you're mom hangin like that." Nicky shook his head. "It's just rude dude. Rude. And see there man? That's one funky shadow man." Nicky looked at Joe.

It made Joe feel  quite guilty and old and lame. He sighed as he rolled his eyes.
"If. If, I were to agree, where do we even start? Don't you need, I don't know, stuff? And lots of people? And expensive... stuff?" Joe asked. His arms waved jerkily.

"Dude! I've got this! I've got a camera and a digital recorder from when I started that band, Pill Bottles, remember? Oh! And I heard about this lady a few towns over, a psychic. Maybe she'll help. We should get some web cams and a monitor. Will Beth watch the monitor outside? I'll ask. Oh and an EMF reader. And a couple motion senor cameras. We have to have night vision goggles! This is going to be epic man! I always wanted to be a ghost hunter!"

"Whoa. Whoa. Easy there Nick. We're not hunting anything. We're just going to check out the house. Tomorrow after we close the store. Just bring the camera and recorder okay. " Joe started feeling tired again.

"Oh. Yeah. Sure man.  I can do that." He sounded disappointed, but Joe wasn't going to go over board for what was most likely mice.
"It could still be pretty cool though Joe. Think about it. What if it's a real ghost? Epic." Nicky smiled and went to restock in the back.

What if it was a real ghost? What could he do? Just say 'Yep. Sorry. You should move out of the house you've lived in your whole life.'
It had to be mice. Or just the oldness of the house.  Why wouldn't Evelyn notice something like this years ago? Why now? It had to be the house settling. There might be sinking. The foundation probably just needed raising. The cupboards could open if the floors became severely uneven. Couldn't they?

The morning was usually busy with deliveries, customers, inventory, stocking. The fun everyday tasks that made things run smooth.
In the afternoon things tended to slow down.  That was the perfect time for Joe to do emails, make phone calls, or read.
At the computer he started to do exactly that. He started scrolling through all the emails to be read, but found himself looking at pages and pages of Google results for ghost hunting instead.

There was a lot to look at. All kinds of teams of hunters across the country. One of the more popular teams had a show on one of the cable channels. Each team had people to do different jobs. Techs, psychics, one to watch the monitors, some even had a priest or demonologist with them. A few had people to look up the history of the building or family. And the equipment. Oh the equipment! Electronic voice phenomena  (EVP) recorders to pick up sounds to quiet to hear. Elcerto magnetic field (EMF) detectors to measure the magnetic field that most things gave off. Thermal imaging cameras to see different temperatures in the room.  Video cameras of varying degrees of resolutions, spectrum's, several with 360 degree lens, many wireless motion sensored ones. So many cameras. Laser pucks? What are those for? Ghost hockey? And of course night vision goggles. He saw so much equipment, it made the mind boggle.
Whole websites were devoted to teaching, viewing evidence, watching videos and equipment buying. The many teams had their own sites with their own evidence and videos. Who knew there were that many people interested in the subject?
He pushed the power button and watched the monitor screen go dark.

Joe stared at the black screen. Several thoughts floated around in his head. Would they find something? Would they find mice? Better look up exterminators later. And contractors. Maybe have a talk with Nicky about getting a better hobby. Should he have Nicky get the night vision goggles? What would they do if there was something there.  And how did he end up agreeing to this in the first place?

The next morning Joe drank his coffee and watched the people pass by the window. Nicky wasn't scheduled to come in till 12:30 today.
He brought his camcorder for later. It sat on the desk, waiting. The more he thought about it the more he started to feel that heaviness in his bones. Joe always felt it when he didn't want to do something. Or was overwhelmed.
He was feeling both.
He wanted to close the store and go home. He would get in some sweats, get a beer, read for the rest of the day. Then have dinner with Beth. He would even let her pick the nightly movie. He'd watch Shaun of the Dead for the hundredth time if she wanted. He just didn't want to go to the house.

Joe sat, drank and kept watching out the window.

Three towns over, Sue woke from her sleep abruptly and drew the little house she dreamed of. A small ranch with a large tree in the front. It seemed dark, but she knew it wasn't. It was because of the shadows. It made it dark. It's heart was still light. For now. She drew two stick figures near it. She couldn't see them clearly. She looked at it for a some time.
"Well, Merlin, I guess I should start packing." Sue told the cat next to her.

Merlin just looked at her and blinked as if to say
"Just leave the food first lady."

To Be Continued...

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