Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Dinner Party

The Dinner Party

The guests have been seated at
the table for quite awhile.
They take only tiny bites then
pat their lips delicately with napkins.
Folded clothes lay across knees,
the manners have improved immensely.
There was a time when gorging
themselves had seemed appropriate,
only to realize the event ended too quickly.
Small fork fulls allow the feast
to last a very long time.
This meal has been served many
times, so they learned.
Conversation is always polite, even toned.
They rarely argue, they are
after all interconnected.  

nibble nibble pat pat
" Compliance dear, would you pass some
of the confidence?"
"Most certainly. We ought to leave
a bite or two for Frustration."
nibble nibble pat pat
"I’ve filled myself with sanity.
There wasn’t very much of it.
Have you tried a bit of those
dreams Loneliness?"
nibble nibble pat pat
"I thought it rather mediocre.
Have some of the heart. It’s quite tasty.
Disappointment honey, did you
care for the soul?"
nibble nibble pat pat
" A little underdone, more time
and it would have been just right.
A pinch of seasoning wouldn’t have hurt.
Should we have dessert? Compliance
what do you think?"
nibble nibble pat pat
"I think it is the one dish that keeps
our little gathering going time after time.
Let’s seat ourselves over there.
We’ll sip our brandy and wait
for the hope to be served."
pat pat pat pat

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