Sunday, June 21, 2015

Telegraphs From A Bloody War

Telegraphs From A Bloody War


the war has lasted to long stop
my army is dwindling stop
3 days ago buried hope stop
he was the first to fall stop
self-esteem and confidence gone lost stop
presumed dead stop
need medical supplies stop
happiness lying wounded stop
nothing to kill pain stop
hurry with reserves end


field a mass of corpses stop
bloody and severed stop
happiness died stop
slow and agonizing stop
independence turned up missing stop
later found he ran also presumed dead stop
youth and myself are all that remain stop
reinforcements needed immediately end


camp has been raided stop
debris and fire all around stop
youth gone stop
went down in explosion stop
rests in shallow grave on horizon stop
my enemy compliance comes for me stop
closer in the haze of smoke stop
send no help stop
all is lost end

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