Sunday, June 21, 2015

Stupid Horse

Stupid Horse

You proclaimed you
would Save me.
On a fine white horse
and suited for battle,
you rode in.

Your horse trampled
me and as I rose
you cut me down with
a quick flash of your sword.

Quick to bandage the wounds
healing with your Love.
I soon gained strength again
and my spirit soared with laughter.

And you laughed with me,
with a flash of your sword.
You stayed close, nursing , nurturing.
But they are deeper and take longer to heal.

Your white horse does
not bother to topple me any longer.
He does not bother.
It only stands laughing.
It’s eyes knowing, but feeling nothing.
It stands in the stable
indulging it’s own vices.
So you have proclaimed you
would save me.
The battle, bloody and agonizing,
has left nothing to save.

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