Sunday, June 21, 2015

Kerauac Dreams

Kerauac Dreams

Walk in with heels and cash
watch for who has the stash.
Take a turn, take a spin,
this night is ready to begin.
A drip on the tongue when
the dance is finally done.
Hundreds of flashing lights,
drinks shimmery and bright.
A dance this way and that way too,
a hug and a hello to you.
A kiss, a lingering touch,
everyone knows once is never enough.

Mingle cigarette smoke new and old
with a happy jay freshly rolled.
Once more around the dance floor,
catch sight of a figure walking out the door.
A laugh and a giggle at the jest
for Innocence has just left.
How light and free everything seems,
as we slip into our Kerauac dreams.
Don’t try to find your way out,
there is always last call to soothe your doubt.
Goodnight to all your pseudo friends,
until tomorrow, when it’s all done again.

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