Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ghost Of You

Ghost of You

It is an illusional death
that you left behind.
There is no grave or
swirl marbled headstone
to visit and weep at.
No place to lay flowers
or wax smooth candles.
Still you haunt like an
unsettled ghost not knowing
it has been gone.
Holding conversations by
modern-day seances
performed by wires and
clicking keyboards.
A disembodied voice
that fills the ears but
is no longer seen.
Mischievous smiles of
amusement and weighted
shoulders from the day are
left to fill in with jigsaw memory.

You wanted to die when
you were here.
Unable to grab hold of
the life you wanted,
seeing only through the
veil of loss.
Where everything you had
was blurred and far away.
Not a part of you any longer.
So you willfully fly into that
light waiting to claim you.
Will your new heaven be
all you hoped?
Will the veil be lifted
presenting music of
harps and trumpets,
perhaps a feast
on a long table, lined
edge to edge of favorites,
resting on linen and silk.
Perhaps there is an angel.
One who comforts, removes
the troubles that held you
tight to the ground.
Freeing you from the ones
left behind, until
we are nothing more
than wisps of memories
disappearing into the clouds.
Our unsettled ghost no more.

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