Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Savior Such As You

A Savior Such As You

You always say that
"No one will Love you, but I do"

Suddenly it as if I am
Quasimodo ringing a
sad song on the high bells,
while you are something
better than Esmeralda.

A saint with golden
light offering up
salvation and love.

And I, I should drop to my knees
and kiss the feet, the hands, the rings
of my savior,
as you proudly pat my head
in acceptance of the offering.

But I were the creature that
would bow for you, if Love
were a truth in your heart,
if you were indeed glorious,
You would raise me to my feet and say,

"Do not worship me.
For your Love is as great
and worthy, not only of me
but of the world."

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