Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Final Fish

So we picked ...The Como! A shocker. I know. Mom went with the battered and I went with the Italiano. There was the basket of breads as well as my favorite little teapots :)


Mom's crispy fish :)

The Italiano.

A side of linguine?

So. It was good. Not quite what I was expecting. Way more tomatoes than I would have liked. About half of what was smothered on the fish would have been better. And the way it was described n the menu I thought the pasta was on the plate and had the same sauce as he fish.Would have enjoyed that a bit better. I took the pasta home, but it was soon forgotten in the fridge. The fish with the lemon and wine sauce was super yummy. Yeah. The pasta could have benefited from that sauce. 

All in all a decent end to the Tour de Fish :) 

( I actually wrote this on a different date. I dated it so it would keep the continuity of the tour. But really, life man. Life just keeps jumping in the way. It was forever when I finally was looking for this post and realized I hadn't finished it. It is finished though. For this year:) )

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