Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A-Z Challenge: Day L

Things have been busy around here. It's been hard doing comments and posts. I am hoping to fix that after tomorrow. Things should be much calmer after that. But at least the posts are rather current :)
In the meantime, here's L for your enjoyment :)

Lexx started as a mini series on Showtime that was turned into a regular series. I was just in love with this show, mostly because I was head over heels for Kai :) Who wasn't? Michael McManus is awesome! It was also just a whole lot of odd and weird and I really like that in a show. It saddens me to say that you can't get the DVDs anymore. And neither Netflix or Hulu show them either. I'm hoping one day one of these new old show channels will finally get all these great shows so we can enjoy them again. (Though it seems YouTube has some episodes. )

This is another new show, but it started as movies on TNT. They were so much fun they had to make it weekly :) Being a book lover and library goer how could this show not be a favorite?  Adventure, dashing heroes (Christian Kane, remember Angel), kick ass heroines, it has all the best elements. And how many think that it was Lucy's vile at the end of the season finale? :)

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