Thursday, April 9, 2015

A-Z Challenge: Day G

I had no interest in watching this.But as time went on I started feeling left out. So when my friend bought the DVDs I had myself a thrones marathon. Three seasons in one week. I felt icky after. And I needed a Silkwood Shower after. I think there's a reason why one a week is a good idea. One has time to recover in between episodes. I am on the Dragon ladies team. I rather hope she roasts them all. Though closing the dragons up underground seemed a bit harsh. They couldn't build a special place for them? 

Another cop and his partner taking care of the unexplained while solving murders. Still, there are quite the twists. Juliette going Hexenbeast for one. Nick becoming a dad for another. Monroe and Rosalie are adorable and the other officer that just found out is going to end up going Weson crazy. Lots coming up :))

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