Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tour de Fish: Weeks 5 - 6

We're almost there! And the weather is trying to change as we go along :) We have hit Spring! So awesome!

Week 5:

It was almost 45 degrees outside on this Friday :) It was also the first day of Spring. We were so happy! It was nice to be joyful when leaving the house. It wouldn't last long.
Our Tour took us to Michael's this week. We hadn't been here in years. But everyone says it is the place to be for Italian food. I didn't know so many people didn't know what food is.

You get some bread.

And here's the fish!

Well. They do give you a ton of food. No one can say they don't. My opinion on it is a bit harsher than mom's. I disliked it all. But mom thought the fish was alright. Not great, but edible. The fish reminded me of hospital fish. The kind that's baked with a sprinkle of paprika over it and still tastes rather bland. We went with the home fries instead of french fries. Big mistake. They were sliced really thin and absorbed whatever oil they used to cook them in. I'm also guessing that they don't use any seasoning when they cook since these were bland as well. And finally, the slaw. Mom thought it was okay. I thought it tasted like the mayo went bad. Ickky. Overall, very disappointed. We will not be returning.

Week 6:

Week 6. Another week interrupted by medical stuff.  So, this time we ordered out on Thursday and we called it Friday.  This was Frenchy's turn to bring it. 

.Fish :)

Overall I didn't think it was that bad. My fish wasn't greasy at all. It was flaky and crispy. The fries were okay. The slaw was gross. It tasted like there wasn't any dressing. Just cabbage and carrots.Not pleasant.  Mom said her fish was greasy though.  I would guess that mine was done first and sat on the paper towel longer to get all the oil off.  Where mom's was just a quick tap and then into the container.  But we still like their subs and other stuff. They will remain one of our go to's for sure :)

So, after six weeks of fish fries my favorites order would be:
  1. Como
  2. Nellie's
  3. Gadawski's
  4. Frenchy's
  5. Michael's
  6. Frankie's

Mom's would be the same,except she would switch Michael's and Frenchy's. 

And the big final Good Friday Fish Fry will be at.....

                                      Stay tuned for the final stop on the Tour de Fish :)

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