Monday, March 16, 2015

The Tour de Fish: Weeks 3=4

Week 3:

We continued our Tour with a little hiccup. Because of medical issues we couldn't go out on Friday. So we ordered in on Saturday and called it Friday. We continued with trying a new place. We went ahead and called on Frankie's Donuts to do the job. We ate in our own spaces, but talked on the phone to give our impressions.

Frankie's Fish Fry.

It was okay. A bit heavy on the grease, but it was crispy. The fish didn't really have any taste though. The fries were just fries. Not good, but not bad.  There was no slaw. What?! Yeah. I was disappointed too. They did give us a scoop of iceberg with some onion and tomatoes. Placed under the hot fries. Making for a warm, slightly wilt-y salad. I wasn't feeling it.  However, it wasn't so awful that we won't try subs or something. They will get a second chance one day. 

Week 4:

This week went easier. Had a doctor's appointment and went to the grocery store the day before. Freeing us up and letting us be leisurely. And it was WARM outside! I wore my spring coat :) We headed out landing at Nellie's for our next Tour stop. It looks so small from the outside, but it is a long building. Lots of space. Not Tardis space though. Oh well. :)

Hot tea. :)

The Fish!!

Nellie's is delightful! The tea comes with a biscoti :) They have a decent menu with lots of choices. There were three for the fish; battered, Italian breaded and baked. We had had battered the last few times, so we said yes to the baked. It's not fancy, but it was flaky and yummy. I like it with the lemon. There was also a choice between fries and macaroni salad. Feeling fried out, macaroni salad it was. And I was not disappointed:) Creamy with a touch of sweetness. Coupled with the slaw it was super refreshing. 
As we left the waitress apologised because she forgot to ask about dessert. We couldn't have eaten another bit, we assured her. Then the owner told us that next time we had to try the cannoli and cheesecake, Both are made fresh every day.
We're going to check out their Reuben on St. Patties with Jessica. Perhaps a cannoli or two will becoming home with us. This is looking to be the go to go for lunch place this summer :)

Next up, Weeks 5-6.

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