Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Tour de Fish: Weeks 1 - 2

This Lent mom and I decided that since we gave up all our goodies for health reasons in January, that we would add to our Lent by having a Tour de Fish. A fish fry from a different place each week of Lent. We have seven weeks. With six different places and Good Friday ending at the best of the six for a final blow out:)

Week 1.

Both our cholesterol's are running on the high side this winter. Being trapped with no exercise and well, going crazy at the deli with cheese, salami, pepperoni, salads, and I mean the mayo-y ones, not the healthy lettuce-y ones. It's not a big mystery as to how this happened. But for January we were able to tame our indulges and knock those numbers down a bit. That is one of the main reasons when we started out Tour we both agreed to the broiled fish dinner at Gadawski's to start it off.

Broiled Fish Dinner at Gadawski's.

This was so yummy! Okay, it's a bit monochromatic looking, but no worries. Yum-eee! The fish was white and flaky. A little peppery, but the cool slaw helped that. The parsley potatoes were slightly mashed leaving lots of chunky texture. I would have this again. :)

Week 2.

It was so cold. We were almost on the Not Leaving The House. Ever. Train. But soon we realized it was only the second week and if we skipped one, this early, it would be that much easier next week, or the week after to simply skip. Plus, it was only the second week. We bucked up, layered up and headed out to the Como. We hadn't been in ages. Which is one of the reasons for this Tour. We don't eat out often and when we do it's always the same couple of spots. We needed to remember what else was out there:) The broiled dish looked like it was too much so we went the old school Beer Battered path:)

Hot tea to warm the bones:)

Warm bread to start it off :)

The main dish!

I love the Como! It's bright and big and friendly :) The little teapot they bring is adorable! I need to find one of these:) The bread was warm and far to easy to fill up on. So good.  The fish was excellent. We went battered. It was crispy and huge! Nice and flaky. Mine had a little bit of that silvery ick, but not much. And mom didn't see any on hers. The fries are hand cut there. I asked for ketchup, but when I tasted them, there was no need for it. They were that good on their own. The slaw was crisp and cool like it should be. The serving was so huge I had to take half home. But I finished it up before I headed out with the gals:) As of now they are at the top of the Good Friday Final Fish :) That broiled dish is looking pretty sweet :)

Next up, weeks 3 and 4.

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