Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Reuben! My Kingdom for a Reuben!

St. Patty's Day. It was rainy. But not to cold. It only snowed for a brief minute early in the day. First we had to do a quick errand at Walmart. Then it was food time!
Mom, Jessica and I all agreed, We were going to try Nellie's on Pine. The fish fry was amazing and we wanted to try more :)

Mom's TV had turned all the people red. And it was becoming a neon blinding red each day. It had to be fixed pronto. She picked up a simple flat screen 28 inch. I am sure one of the cats will bring it down one day. Probably sooner rather than later. They do like to get their jobs done quickly. But the job was done and you know what that means...

Food time!

We nearly sprinted into Nellie's.

Barely a foot had been set in when the nice lady said they were out. Of everything.


Of Everything!


A new plan had to be hatched. Immediately! There were grumbling stomachs to deal with. We thought and tossed ideas about. Finally it was decide it would be Murphy's Cafe..

A Reuben for the WIN! Amazing :))

Murphy's never disappoints :) Their corn beef  is so lean. Not a funny grisly bit anywhere :) I was stuffed! 

Both will be hit up this summer for sure. I highly suggest you all try them yourselves :))

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