Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Human Interest Story



Human Interest Story

208 words

The old woman and I walked along the soft sandy beach. Her recent birthday just made her the oldest person in our small town and it was my job to bring her to the masses.  I had reached for her bike to help but she gave me a look that stopped me. Not mean,  just a look that said no.

She spoke about her sister Lily working in the factories at nine and being hidden in a closet when the inspectors came, her mother teaching how to make the perfect pasta to lure a man and that it did in fact work beautifully. She always liked the pasta better than the man. Her eyes twinkling with memory.

She looked over at the ocean. Blue and wide. Sun dancing on the ripples.
"This is where my father and brother died. They were fishing, a huge wave caught the creaky boat taking it down. I remember my mother screaming, my sister's howls. I had been building with my bucket, the sand was coarse and wet. It covered my hands. Antonio, the eldest, ran to  out the the water, but they were so far away. "

Wrinkled fingers still strong gripped the handlebars. In one swift movement the bike was turned around.

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