Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bye Bye Monkey


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Bye Bye Monkey

“Kipling! Here sweetie!”  Damn monkey. Stupid pet. But Stewart loved this creature. It bit, pulled hair and spit. It was an awful pet.
“He won’t come to you if you call. You have to lure him.” Stewart walked past me with a blue glass bowl with fruit in it.
He stepped forward with a bunch of grapes. The pet eyeing me, ready to run or pounce. Undecided in which.
Then, the loud shriek, The swooping shadow, Suddenly it was all wings and fur. Screams from both the creatures. Stewart ran to grab Kipling. He tripped. I tried to catch him. My fingers grazed his shirt. I missed.
The older man finished writing.
“I wouldn’t believe it, except we have witnesses. We’ll be in touch if we have more questions. I am sorry for your loss ma’am.”.
I nodded.that I understood.

Outside I realized I had no more monkeys jumping on the bed. And then I laughed.

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