Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Final Table



(It was a different picture prompt when I wrote, however, there was a copyright issue and it was changed to the above picture.)

The Final Table

They had trained and played and worked to reach this point. Each facing each other in an eerily quiet room at the small final table.

He watched the young boy across from him. A freckled face with no emotion. 13? 14 ? At 15, no,15 and a half, he still wondered what his nemesis was thinking. Was he wondering who was on Fallon tonight? Was he hoping that the pretty girl could fall for a champion, even a geeky one? Or was it squares? And maneuvers? Lines and plots?

Across the table the older boy watched him. A scientist figuring out a problem. It wouldn’t be solved today. Today is his day. He knew it. Down deep. Like he knew the squares set before him. Black and white, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, L shapes and empty spaces. They shared invisible patterns.They sang as he sat waiting.

A buzzer shatters the silence between them. Their dual has started.

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