Monday, October 27, 2014

Dusty Glue



Dusty Glue

Jonathan wiped his eyes with the yellow hanky.

"Dust" he said aloud.

The men a few feet away paying no mind to him or his excuses.
"Well, she looks pretty good. All things considered. " The first man said.

"Been seein' a lot worse. Diseased. Most starved right down to the bones.”
The second pushed his hat back on his head.

Jonathan wiped his eyes again. This time with back of his hand. The dirt and grit stung for a moment. The girls were with their ma. Heading to the sanctuary named California. There was work. Clean streets.They wouldn’t see this.

The dust ruined them all. Not just the farmers, but bankers like himself too. Luck allowed him to get free while the others would be buried in dust deep as snow drifts.

But it was Moonbeam that would be paying.

The first man stepped back and took another hard look at the sad creature and nodded.

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