Friday, September 19, 2014


So winter has come. (Yes. There was some Game of Thrones binge watching earlier this month. I do not recommend it.) It's freezing cold. And I won't break down and turn the heat on yet. That means inside. And since I've been in need of something to inspire, something to work on, something to get my ass in gear, I've been riding around the internet looking and reading and looking again, until,  I stumbled upon flash fiction.Specifically a blog called Flash! Friday.  I'm enjoying the challenge of it.
Every Friday you have 24 hours to write a 150 word piece based on the prompts given. It's a lot harder than you would think. I like it!
And the other writers? Wow! They all are so very good at it. The stories done in just a few words is amazing. I don't even know where to start leaving comments without appearing spamy. They all rock.
I highly suggest you visit and read all the wonderful writers works. And if you feel creative, get your write on and join in:))

A side note, I don't care how much the critics hate Mysteries of Laura, I loved it! It was nice to see something funny for a change. Every show seems to be so depressing and serious lately. And can I say a policewoman not in high heels and a miniskirt, dressed like person, extra points.
While I'm at it, When is a network going to come to their senses and have a Joss Whedon and Bryan Fuller all the time channel? Let's go people. I need to see more High Moon.  And you do too. Even if you don't know it:)

And not to forget, Argggg! Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!!!

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