Thursday, April 3, 2014

A-Z Challenge C: Carnation



The simple carnation. Not so simple. A flower with heavenly connections. 

Referred to also as Dianthus meaning Flower of God, it was a favorite of the Greeks and Romans in decorating.

White is for luck and pure love. The rich purple means capriciousness (unpredictable or witty), light red is for admiration, dark red is given for love and affection. The yellow is one you don't want to find at your door since it means someone is disappointed in you. The pretty striped one is for regrets. 

But pink is the biggy. Thought to have sprung from the tears of the Virgin Mary, it is the flower of pure unforgettable love of a mother. You will see these on Mothers day.

This is the flower for January birthdays.

Carnations are also a popular flower for Flower Coloring at Home. You can use any color, not just green:)







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