Friday, April 4, 2014

A-Z 2014 Day D: Delphinium



Delphiniums with their long tall spears of purple, pink, white and blues, are so lovely.
Native Americans used them to make dye and settlers used to grind them to make ink. They were also ground to a powder and believed to keep scorpions away.
They are the symbol of an open heart and attachment. They convey feelings of lightness.
They are the July birth  flower.




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  1. I love delphinium! I did not know they are the July birth flower; that's fantastic because my birthday is in July!

    One of my favorite Nancy Drew books was titled "The Secret of Larkspur Lane." Larkspur, I learned, is another name for delphinium.

    Thanks for sharing! Love the photos.

    Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge-- I'm at :)

  2. The Delphiniums are beautiful! We don't have any in our flower garden but might have to plant some! Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge:)


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