Monday, March 31, 2014

A-Z 2014 A: Aster


Ah! April! No showers this year. Well, snow showers maybe. The weather
has us a bit  non-springy. 

That's what gave me  my idea for this year's challenge. Flowers :) 

They make one feel happy and light. They also wash a layer of warm
spring/summer over one.

These are just going to be flowers I think are pretty. I am no botanist. I know very little about them actually. But I will try to make this as entertaining as possible:)   Enjoy!

On your mark...get set...April Challenge!



Such a pretty little flower. So many beautiful colors!  Believed to be enchanted they were burned in order to drive away evil spirits. They are known for love, faith, wisdom and can symbolize valor.  They are the September birth flower. 



They can have very full petals...


or thin petals.


They come in a large number of colors...

aster TF

this is my favorite one :)

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  1. They are indeed pretty flowers! I think my favourite are lilies because they smell beautiful. :)


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