Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sigh Sigh Sigh

It's still cold. It's still snowing. It's still winter. And though they say Spring is in 29 days. I do not believe them. They are known to lie.

I have done nothing. We have been trapped by the weather. And I am feeling lethargic and bored. Even though I know it's just me. There are plenty of things to do. I just don't feel like doing them. I want my porch. And 90 degree sunshine.

I know. I know!

It'll get here. Patience.

It's taking to long.

I have entertained myself by watching the Olympics.

Bite me.

I understand Russia's practices are super sucky. But I'm sure Beijing's weren't that great either. No one had trouble watching those. Also, how do you tell all the athletes that yes, you busted your ass for many, many years to become masters of your sport, but, nah. I'm not going to watch you do your thing because I'm supporting you.

Bite me.

They worked, they went, I'll watch. And more power to all the athletes for not letting a country hinder them in doing what they are there for. The love of the sport. You are all amazing. Win or loose.

And that is all about that. Except Go USA! One more week to kick ass :))

The April AZ Challenge is around the corner. I will be doing it again. I'll be a bit simpler this year. During the next month I'll be figuring out what my topics shall be:)

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