Friday, November 1, 2013

Countdown To Halloween Final

Also known as the EPIC FAIL here.

Next year there will be planning. Arranging. Motivating.

But for the last day I bring you what I think is the creepiest, scariest movie. Ever.

This silent black and white pretty much scarred me for life with the darkness and those teeth. The eyes sure helped a lot too. Just look at them! His slow shadowy movements lingered in my head for years. Years I say! I try to watch and after fifteen minutes I can't take it any longer. I know what's coming and it wigs me out. So congratulations Mr. Nosferatu you win :)

I hope everyone had a great Halloween today :) And a fun October. Mine was filled with creepy movies and fun monstery shows, candy, birthday fun, pretty leaves and lots of apple cider :) So while it may have been a bloggy fail, it was an EPIC WIN for October :))

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  1. I hear you. I posted every day, but some posts were not very creative. Had a great month and a great Halloween, anyway. Here's to an even better one next year! Happy Hallowe'en!


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