Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cowndown to Halloween: Oct. 7th

Today will my favorite things about Halloween :)

* First up all the fabulous TV Channel events. Monstober on Disney, Chiller, TCM. The 13 Days of Halloween on ABC Family. Yeah baby! Bring on Twitches and Halloween Town! 1-4! Show me the evil platypus on Phineas and Ferb, the obscure movie takes on Psych! I can turn on almost any channel and find some joy.

* CANDY! I adore bite size candy. Not being a big candy person you would not think this of me, but, with these tiny little bites I can have a fix but not over do it :) And candy corn? Yummmm:)

* I love getting my decorations out:) The lights, the ceramic houses, many chipped and not working quite right, but still look good on the table:) And when it's a warm autumn night with the windows open and the orange and purple lights are on it puts me in the mood for...

* Apple cider and doughnut holes ( Tim Bits now ). A left over from all those parties as a kid I suppose:) The little paper cup with the cider and a couple doughnut holes. Usually glaze and powder on a napkin with a bat or some such Halloween design on it, just makes me feel special :)

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