Monday, October 7, 2013

Countdown to Halloween:Oct. 6th

More favorite characters...of the evuuuning...

Lugosi, Lee, and Oldman have played the the father of all vampires. He is the guy with the smoke, transforming into animals and looking with a hypnotic gaze.

No. Not the movie. I am not a fan of that. But in the book? Oh yeah. And it's Claudia that is my favorite.Turned as a child there is none of  the guilt that Louise suffers.Or the privilege that Lestat feels is deserved. She just is.

Forlorn. Sweet dark Bella. In love with the smart waitress and friend to a cabbie. Also,one of the scariest when fanging out.

I know!  More Buffy. But it's not Angel that's my favorite, it's the cocky, snazzy, smug Spike that makes me happy:)

( This is THE Nick Knight )

Nick Knight. My first vampire :)  During the height of Canadian TV Forever Knight was among the main ones we watched. I watch whenever it's on Chiller or SyFy, as it was on Friday. Saving up to get all the DVDs :)  Also, Nigel Bennett will always be LeCroix.

(extra proud points if you know this:)


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  1. Though tragic, Claudia was the vampire I liked the least out of the three of them. Louis was my favorite, Lestat second, mainly for being so freely himself.


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