Monday, October 7, 2013

Countdown to Halloween: Oct. 5th

I'm not a big scary book reader. I get freaked out easy. I can't sleep. I am a wimp, However. There are a few that I have read and actually own. So here are my favorite sssscary writers :)

The first scary writer I ever read. I had started small, Firestarter. Then moved on to Christine, then Carrie. I was going along happily until It happened.

I can honestly say I read one book. Cabal. I have Galilee and read parts here and there. It will be done. One day. But yeah, that Cabal was enough.

To this day Down A Dark Hall can wig me out just at the thought of it. Stranger With My Face? Yup.Same thing. But it does make it easier being YA Fiction. Not as gory as the others. Love her :)

The Haunting. The Magic Cottage. The Others.. I can only read his stuff in the daylight. We lost a great writer when he passed this year.

Fear Nothing was the first book I read. The mood of it was so creepy I didn't read another of his for a long time. Since then I have been brave and picked up a few. I am slowly gathering the Odd Thomas' so I can read them all together :)

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