Friday, September 20, 2013

The Last Night Pt. 2

For Us

And the last light flicked out.

We didn't stay for that.

The hugs and goodbyes
and on the verge of tears was enough.

But they did. After us.

Flicker and go out for
the last time.

Another era done. 

Thirty years. Thirty! 
Twenty three, or four, spent
living our own Kerouac dreams.

Love and drink,
fights and regrets,
makeups and regrets that 
aren't really regretted.

Friends flickering in and out
Is it true? Is it over? 
It's really closed?

And some that stray flicked 
out and do not return.
Leaving it as a past.

But us. We stayed.
Though we might have 
flickered in and out
ourselves, we came home and shined.

Our drunks and junkies,
our sluts and whores,
our passionates and quiets,
our sinners and saints.
We made it home.

Our bright and part-time shadows,
someday, together will settle into a new
nest and flick on new lights
for our dreamers.

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