Thursday, April 18, 2013

A-Z Challenge: P

It's P Day! LOL! How many were working that in today? There are a bunch of posts at once because it's been a busy week:) So enjoy these and be sure to check out the others.


Yep. Another anime (and still another to go:) I adore this one.Just adore!
A little fish uses magic to become a real girl for a boy. It's The Little Mermaid, basically. Only prettier and with more magic :)
Cate Blanchett, Noah Lindsey Cyrus, Matt Damon, Tina Fey, Frankie Jonas (the English version)

Lisa: So what's your Mother like, then?
Ponyo: She's big and beautiful, but she can be very scary!
Sosuke: Just like my Mom.

A Pyromaniac's Love Story

A love story:) A quirky funny,charming love story.
Garet sets fire to a bakery in order to impress his love.His father bribes a young baker to take the credit for it.
William Baldwin, John Leguizamo, Sadie Frost, Erika Eleniak

Stephanie Potts: For God's sakes, will you please sit down and shut up? You're starting to act like me, and it's really giving me a headache.

This was one of those I'm not sure about movies. But really, David Hyde Pierce? How could I doubt! He is so wonderful, This is not Niles Crane. It's dark and brilliant.
A criminal finds more than he bargained for when he house-jacks a man.
David Hyde Pierce, Clayne Crawford, Tyrees Allen

John Taylor: Why can't you just let me go?
Warwick Wilson: You're my guest. And I'm glad you're here. But you have no one but yourself to blame.


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