Sunday, April 14, 2013

A-Z Challenge: M

Hello M Day! Almost to the halfway mark and so far so good! I hope you are all enjoying the choices I've put up. I've been trying to pick movies I love, but aren't overly well know (minus just a handful). I want to have a nice variety that can be found over on Netflix, so if anyone wants to check one (or more) out it can be gotten a hold of:)
With that, here are  a few more :)

The Mesmerist

Based on a Poe story, The Facts in the Case of Mr. Valdemar, it centers on a doctor trying to swindle a family whose father is dying. It's dark comedy. A very dark comedy. I find Neil Patrick Harris can do very little wrong and that makes this that much more fun:)
Neil Patrick Harris, Howard Hesseman, Jessica Capshaw, George Wyner

Dr. Hoffler: It's not ethical to keep them in the dark!
Dr. Pretory: I'm a doctor! What care I for ethics?
Dr. Hoffler: But I'm a doctor too.
Dr. Pretory: Some doctor. I wouldn't trust you to water my ficus!
Dr. Hoffler: I'm an ethical doctor, and I am going to tell them.
Dr. Pretory: Well, now I see why most mad scientists have mute assistants!


Another actor who I find can do no wrong for me :) Albert Brooks just makes me smile. This is him at some of his best. Walking down the beach shouting "Why me?", the grocery store. Just funny.
After a second divorce, a science fiction writer decides to work on his relationship with his mother in order to fix his trouble with woman.
Albert Brooks, Debbie Reynolds, Rob Morrow

Beatrice Henderson: I love you.
John Henderson: I know you think you do, Mother.

My Neighbor Totoro

I do like my animes. There is one more coming up later. I just saw this last summer and adore it. This one is so sweet. It just makes me relaxed and happy. The umbrella scene. Awwww...
Two young girls find a magical forest after they move to a new house in the country. Inside they find and friend the Totoro.
(Disney version) Tim Daly, Dakota Fanning, Elle Fanning

Tatsuo Kusakabe: Trees and people used to be good friends. I saw that tree and decided to buy the house. Hope Mom likes it too. Okay, let's pay our respects then get home for lunch.


  1. Some more movies to my "want to watch" list! :)

    -Fellow blogger from A to Z!

  2. I am loving your movie suggestions. I have only heard of one of these the Al Brooks movie and I want to see it. Thanks for the reminder!!
    Happy Monday and yes 1/2 way can you believe it..

  3. your post made me remember my favorite list of movies. I would like to update it. My 'M' Post is

  4. What a great theme Kathy - enjoyed reading through some of your posts. :)

  5. oh and I'm AtoZing here... http://ficticiousamo.wordpress...

  6. I am glad you like my suggestions:) I hope everyone ejoys at least some of them:)

  7. Thank you :) Yay! Half way!

  8. I'm constantly working my movie lists too:)

  9. Thank you so much :) It is one of the few things I know a lot about. Grammer not so much, but movies? Oh yeah :)


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