Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A-Z Challenge: C

It's day C folks. Whew! Three down, 23 to go!

I hope I can keep it up :) I am easily distracted. Like with shiny objects and infomercials. It's sad to say, really.
But...we are here today! My C picks are very different. As you will see.

First up, Curdled. A very odd, quirky little film. I do enjoy these. There will be a few like it later on down the road :)
It's about a young woman obsessed with serial killers. She takes a job cleaning crime scenes while trying not to seem to eager to be there. I love the style of this movie. It's not as visually gory as it might seem considering the plot. And yes, William Baldwin does not hurt this movie either:)

Another C is such a favorite I had to add it. Cold Comfort Farm.
A young woman goes to visit relations on a farm.
Very English. Very charming. You will recognize many of the people in it including Joanna Lumley (AbFab), Kate Beckinsale (Underworld), Stephen Fry (hello, it's STEPHEN FRY!) and the so very handsome Rufus Sewell (Dark City). Hmmmm...Rufus....he'll be back.

Just don't ask about what happened in the woodshed.


  1. I remember Cold Comfort Farm was a very cozy film. The other one sounds like something I would definitely like :).

  2. I believe I have read both those books. Right down my alley. Thanks for the reminders. Best regards to you. Ruby.


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