Sunday, March 24, 2013

As Always, More Pictures

As you all know I've been feeling very blah this winter and just haven't felt that pull to write anything. Not even a simple post.

I have about seven dozen pictures to put up. Today I have some of them.

But first a quick update on this winter.

They put a new access in after two declots failed to work. So far it's working well. The catheter comes out tomorrow. Yay! I should be all healed for summer. Should it ever get warm again.

The first day of Spring, also International Happiness Day was bitterly cold and snowing. It was also the day we lost our oldest kitty, Sam. He was a great buddy and is sadly missed. Very missed.

Later that night I found out that one of my favorite authors had passed away as well. So I start Spring and International Happiness Day with no more James Herbert books, no more Sammy and ice and snow.

So yup. There was that.

But there is also good stuff.

We partied up for St. Patty's Day and for Jessica's birthday.

Not the same night. A week apart :)

I've been trying a few recipes I've seen over on Tumblr.

One looked perfect for Jessica's birthday lunch. A lemon Pesto Pasta dish.

And it was. So yummy. Fresh and made me feel spring was around the corner. The fresh lemon really made it pop. I will be making this again.

For St. Patty's we started at Players. Then we headed over to the new Cafe Etc. where they were playing awesome 80's. Outfield. The Bay City Rollers! All sorts of goodness :) Then we strolled on over to Uncs to see all our folks there :)

For Jessica's birthday I made her a little lunch.

And finally a random scenery picture from last month.

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures :)

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