Friday, February 8, 2013

It's Still The Oldest Profession

Saw on this on Wendy Williams the last night. Go ahead and take a look. I'll wait right here...okay.

At first I felt like whatever. Do what you want to do. Then the more I thought the more annoyed and sad I became. Sad that these women think this is a good idea. That it would cross their minds as a do.

In 2013, women are still fighting to be seen as equals, to be treated not as property, but as people, with women fighting for rights over their own healthcare,
when women are being shot in this world for trying to get an education these other women keep saying to the world that we are just objects.
I am especially disappointed in the college and Ivy league women.
All I hear is "See, it doesn't matter how intelligent, successful or hard I work, you can still buy and sell me."

And yes, I think it's irresponsible of them.

But it's their choice you say.
Yes. Yes it is. Doesn't mean they made a good choice. We all have choices. I could choose not to pay the rent and buy spiffy shoes. I could choose to punch people in the head. Yes. I have that choice. They wouldn't be good or smart choices though. Would they? You also have the choice to say HELL NO.

But if you get married it's just legal prostitution.
No. No its not. If you get married for goods and services, you shouldn't be married, you should be a hooker. If you are a hooker and expect respect, love, romance and an equal partnership, well then get married.
Because that's the difference.

Those men will never respect you when you sell yourself for hair extensions and a pretty set of nails.
Life is not a Hallmark movie for most people.
The rich man is not likely to fall in love and whisk you away to the big mansion.
Most lives are more like Lifetime movies. Yeah you get the mansion, but you're still just a hooker and they will treat you like one. Or your family doesn't see or hear from you in a year and a half until the police show up because they found your naked body hogtied and tortured with your throat cut in a shallow ditch by a wildness troop earning their rabbit catching patch. And then that mansion lights up like a Beyonce halftime show with just a few sprays of Luminal.

But really, most likely, the men move on to someone else and if you see them in the store or a bar, they ignore you or look at you with utter disgust.

Flipping burgers sounds good to me.

In the end it will always be up to women. Just like men who hurt women. As long as there are women to defend them and say it's okay to treat women like objects or property, as something less than human, men will continue to abuse, use and buy and sell them.

And as a final thought, as I write this I have to ask is there a men’s site as well? Are there Ivy League boys selling their goodies for company startup money or keggers?

Did Donald Trump start off that way? Bill Gates? Was Steve Jobs "reading to the old ladies" for startup capital? Will Ashton be covering that in the movie? Did Mitt Romany shake his moneymaker for extra bibles in France? Would we feel the same about Bobby Flay if he said he brought home a whole lotta bacon cooking it up for an old lady wearing an apron, a smile and nothing else?

I think not.

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