Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh That Crazy Novemeber

It's been a long month around these parts. My dialysis graft clotted.They declotted it, only to have it reclot overnight. Then we put a catheter in. It ran for a few treatments only to come out and have to be replaced. Then it wouldn't run at all, so they put a catheter in the leg. The day before Thanksgiving. (And, yes, I did still cook up on Thursday.)

The doctor who does the catheter left the neck one because he hopes to find a good path with the CAT we did lat week. He won't.

One of the patients has been waiting since August for her graft to be done. And of course it's the same doctor who will be doing mine. She thinks it'll be January before he gets to her.

Really, there must be another doctor to do these. *sigh*

Meanwhile, the neck one hasn't been used in three weeks, my neck and leg still ache and the tape is ripping my poor delicate skin  to shreds.

Ho ho ho.

Needless to say decorating has been going along slowly. I have some lights up and a few knick-knacks out. I am hoping the tree will be done tonight some time. I'll go from there.

And yup. I know. I have a ton of pictures to put up yet.

A. Ton.

But not today. One thing at a time for the moment.

Tree then pictures. Or surgery.

Whichever comes first.

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