Saturday, September 29, 2012

Another Picture Catch Up Post. Pt. 1

I was going through everything and I realized I posted most of my pictures to FB, but not to here.


That means there are a ton to post.

This first set is from Tonya's birthday night at Uncs :)

The second set was one weekend of fun:

A dinner at friend Geraldine's. Wonderful folks. The whole family was fun and welcoming. A great time:)
And so much food!



Jess and Jeff in Lewiston.

Uncs with Tonya, Ang, Mary and Courtney:

                                                                   Dave and the girls.

                                                                          Richie :)

                                                                           Josh :)

                                                              Dave and all the girls :)

                                                                          Jay :)

                                                                     Mary and Ang!

                                                                         Ang and Tonya :)

And the next round starts in three, two, one....

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