Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday 5: 7/20

Another Friday 5 ? On a FRIDAY!?
Yep. I am rocking today Smile

  1. What’s something in your possession whose color has obviously faded?
    Sadly, I have a few pictures and posters that the sun has faded.

  2. Which of your talents, skills, or abilities has faded as you’ve grown older?
    I used to be able to walk far. Now? Not so much. Though I suppose that could be fixed if I left the house more often. Hmmmm.

  3. Among people you know, who seems best able to fade into the background in a crowded room?
    It’s probably me. Most of my friends are loud, passionate, and energetic. They do not fade.

  4. What song seems to have a ridiculously long fade-out at the end?
    Hands down. Grand Funk Railroad’s Closer to Home. That song is got to be 28 minutes long. Just fraken get home and end already.

  5. What recently prominent person seems to have faded quickly into oblivion?
    Sandra Bullock. Haven’t seen or heard about her in awhile. Got on that TMZ.

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